Women of the Marvel universe bracket: Mavericks division

This division would be bad if it weren't so, so good.

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It's all over, folks: Captain Marvel cut down the metaphorical nets in this tournament. Keep reading to find out how the Women of Marvel performed round-by-round. 

Forget March Madness. We have a much geekier tournament for you: the Women of the Marvel universe bracket smackdown. There are four divisions with 32 badass heroes and villains from across the  Marvel Cinematic Universe , comics, X-Men movies and crossovers and more. The final matchup will pit one goodie against one baddie... and only one woman of Marvel will be left standing in our mega bracket.

Best of all: You get to decide who that is right here (click out to Twitter for the full thread!).

Round 4 results:

The Mavericks division is no more. Jean Grey suffered defeat in her contest with Captain Marvel. Though Grey will not compete in the final round, her alter ego, Dark Phoenix, will.

 It's your last chance to vote. Head over to Twitter.com/CNET to decide whether good will outlast evil.

Round 3 results: 

Jean Grey outlasted a valiant second-half run by Valkyrie to move one step closer to becoming the queen of the dance. Jean will face her toughest battle yet against Captain Marvel in the next round. And Carol is blazing hot coming into the third week of March.

A win in Round 4 could set up a super-rivalry matchup between Grey and Dark Phoenix in the final. Who will decide? You! Head over to Twitter.com/CNET to cast your vote.

Round 2 results: 

Round two shaped up to be an entertaining one in the Mavericks division.

After escaping a nail-biter in Round One, Valkyrie recovered her swagger and walked away from this round with a decisive 69 to 31 victory over Domino, whose luck ran out. That sets up the Asgardian warrior to spar with the heavily favored Jean Grey in the Elite 8. 

Grey easily defeated the powerful Jessica Jones in Round Two.

Who will advance to the Final Four? Will it be Valkyrie continuing on her hot streak? Or will Jean Grey move another step closer to the finals? Head over to Twitter.com/CNET and vote.

Round 1 results:

Round One has ended, the votes have been counted, and here's what went down in the Mavericks division.

The Mavericks division is shaping up to be the wildest in the entire tournament. This group now boasts not only the closest score of the first round -- a two-point photo finish between Valkyrie and Spider-Gwen but also one of the craziest contests in the second round. 

Jessica Jones and Jean Grey will face off in a barely-fair Round Two duel that could decide the entire division. Whose defense mechanisms will triumph and set the stage for a final four appearance?

Domino upset Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Next, she'll test her seemingly endless luck against Valkyrie. Who should move on to the next round? You get to decide. Vote now on Twitter.com/CNET or click below! 

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Meet the Mavericks division. These are the Marvel heroes you'd want to plan your Vegas bachelorette party. They don't play by any man's rules. Click the names for more on each hero's history, powers and appearances. (Note some appeared under different names in Marvel's comic books.)

  • Jean Grey: As the physical manifestation of the all-powerful, cosmic Phoenix Force, Jean is dealing with a lot of responsibility. Basically, the rules are there aren't any rules. If we were handing out one seeds in this tournament, Jean would be Duke.
  • Peggy Carter: A Nazi-fighting agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve. She has no known superpowers, unless you count intelligence, bravery and an uncanny ability to dismantle the patriarchy in heels and bold red lips. 
  • Jessica Jones: A snarky retired superhero with superhuman strength. She works as a private investigator for other New Yorkers with extraordinary abilities. Think Olivia Benson if she could deadlift a yellow cab.
  • Quake aka Daisy Johnson: In Marvel Comics, she's the jaded daughter of supervillain Mr. Hyde. In the MCU we know her from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where she has a different parentage but her powers are more or less the same. Quake has seismic superpowers she uses to shake enemies into submission. She's also a skilled computer hacker.
  • Spider-Gwen: A high school drummer from an alternate universe (Earth-65) where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. She has all the usual spider powers.
  • Valkyrie: An Asgardian warrior, skilled with big swords and big guns. Rumor has it she'll be crucial to bringing down Thanos. We wouldn't bet against Valkyrie in any matchup.
  • Domino: An unusually lucky lady, Domino is a mutant whose superpower is affecting probability to make improbable outcomes almost certain. Vegas odds are in her favor.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Assume we're talking about the movie version here. She's all kinetic blasts and extra eyeliner. She also has an uncanny ability to put up with Deadpool, which definitely counts a superpower.

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Originally published Feb. 24.
Updated March 29: Adds final results.