Women of the Marvel universe bracket: Blockbusters division

This may be the most formidable division of our packed heroes-versus-villains bracket.

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It's all over, folks. Captain Marvel cut down the metaphorical nets in this tournament and won it all. Keep reading to find out how she emerged as the queen of this dance.

Forget March Madness. We have a much geekier tournament for you: the Women of the Marvel universe bracket smackdown. There are four divisions with 32 badass heroes and villains from across the  Marvel Cinematic Universe , comics, X-Men movies and crossovers and more. The final matchup will pit one goodie against one baddie... and only one woman of Marvel will be left standing in our mega bracket.

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Final round results:

From 32 down to one, Carol Danvers is now the last Marvel woman standing. She reached this shining moment by competing in a string of tough matches against powerful foes. She knocked out Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Storm on her way to the podium.

When Captain Marvel held up the trophy (we like to think) she shouted, "Higher, further, faster, baby!"

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Round 4 results:

Captain Marvel dealt a powerful blow in Round 4, emerging victorious from her battle against the arguably more powerful Jean Grey. As the last remaining hero, Carol Danvers will now face the winner from the villainous side of the bracket, Dark Phoenix.

It is absolutely imperative that Danvers defend down the stretch. If Dark Phoenix gets into her groove, she can leave a wide path of destruction.

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Round 3 results: 

Captain Marvel will advance to the Final Four with nary a hair out of place. But she doesn't have long to celebrate this regional championship. She's the only non-mutant left in this tournament, and she'll face the uber-powerful X-Woman Jean Grey in Round 4. 

When asked about her chances in the next round, Carol Danvers said, "I've been fighting with one arm tied behind my back, but what happens when I'm finally set free?"

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Round 2 results: 

Witch, we definitely didn't see this coming. In a 55 to 45 victory, Scarlet Witch pulled off a stunning upset against Shuri, sending the tech genius back to Wakanda in the second round. That sets up an interesting contest between Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel for a trip to the Final Four.

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Round 1 results: 

Round One has ended! Shuri defeated fellow Wakandan Okoye 64-36 in the first round. Will Shuri be able to sustain momentum against the telekinetic powerhouse Scarlet Witch? Prognosticators will say that she has the world's supply of vibranium on her side, but she also has the footwear defense: Shuri could announce her presence in the second round with a patented, "WHAT ARE THOSE???" and throw Scarlet Witch completely off her game. And, as they say, defense wins championships.

Captain Marvel narrowly escaped a tough matchup against the Mutant Meteorologist herself, Storm. In the next round, the Cap'n will face Black Widow. Black Widow's weapons expertise might spell trouble for the half-alien fighter pilot, but, as we've seen in her most recent trailer, Ms. Carol Danvers has no problem throwing punches.

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Meet the Blockbusters division, made up of big names and even bigger superpowers. Click the names for more on each hero's history, powers and appearances. (Note some appeared under different names in Marvel's comic books.)

  • Gamora: Particularly skilled with knives and swords, she's a relentless assassin-turned-Guardian of the Galaxy. Also: she's green.
  • Scarlet Witch: A sorcerific, telekinetically gifted product of genetic experiments and a trainee of Black Widow.
  • Shuri: A fearless inventor whose tech genius rivals that of Tony Stark. Every piece of armor or gadgetry sported by T'Challa comes from her megabrain. Watch out for her own panther-shaped vibranium gauntlets.
  • Storm: Controller of weather and the X-Men's resident master of lightning. She's considered one of the most powerful mutants of all time.
  • Captain Marvel: A fighter-pilot-turned-half-alien fighter for all that is good.
  • Okoye: Leader of Wakanda's elite Dora Milaje special forces. There's nothing she can't turn into a weapon.
  • Black Widow: An unkillable assassin and formidable weapon master. She's a human Swiss Army knife of skill: gymnastics, spy tactics, acrobatics, martial arts -- she can do it all.
  • Maria Hill: The right-hand woman of Nick Fury and a clutch fighter for S.H.I.E.L.D. When everything is going to hell, Hill is the only S.H.I.E.L.D. member guaranteed to keep things running.

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