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Willow series headed to Disney Plus with Warwick Davis back in starring role

Lucasfilm's epic adventure set in an age of swords, sorcery and monsters returns with Jon M. Chu on board to direct.

Actor Warwick Davis will reprise his role as Willow Ufgood in the new Willow TV series for Disney Plus.

The 1988 fantasy film Willow is getting a sequel in the form of a new TV series on Disney Plus. The streaming service has confirmed the series will take place after the events of the original Ron Howard-directed movie. 

Original star Warwick Davis will reprise his role as hero Willow Ufgood. No word yet whether the other original cast members will return for the new series. The show will introduce all new characters to the magical realm of fairy queens and two-headed Eborsisk monsters, according to Variety.

"So many fans have asked me over the years if Willow will make a return, and now I'm thrilled to tell them that he will indeed," Davis said in a statement. "Many have told me they grew up with Willow and that the film has influenced how they view heroism in our own world. If Willow Ufgood can represent the heroic potential in all of us, then he is a character I am extremely honored to reprise."

Ron Howard will also return as executive producer, but this time Jon M. Chu will direct. Chu is best known for his work on Crazy Rich Asians and In the Heights.

Willow showrunners include Jonathan Kasdan (Solo) and Wendy Mericle (Arrow). Screenwriter Jon Kasdan -- son of The Empire Strikes Back screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan -- wrote the Willow pilot.

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The original Willow film was directed by Ron Howard and starred Joanne Whalley and Val Kilmer alongside Davis. Willow tells the story of a reluctant dwarf who must protect a special baby from an evil queen.

The new Willow series will go into production next year and will return to the landscapes of Wales, where much of the original film was shot.