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Westworld season 3 finale theories: Is Serac Rehoboam?

The end is upon us, set to close out multiple storylines, but not without a few twists. We discuss what those might be and where season 4 could take us.

A screenshot from the finale's promo trailer. It looks like Dolores is back in Westworld.
HBO; screenshot by CNET

The final episode of Westworld's third season is around the corner, and it's shaping up to be as intricate and unpredictable as what's come before.

But that's not going to stop us from throwing out our theories on what's going to happen to Dolores, Caleb and the gang.

Will Caleb be the one to take down Serac and lead the host uprising? Will Dolores and Maeve destroy each other? What's going to happen to the tortured Halores?

Before the season finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO, let's dive into a couple of theories and predictions.

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Serac is Rehoboam

There is a strong chance that Serac is Rehoboam the way his brother is Soloman. It would be the ultimate Westworld poetic flip. In season 1, we had hosts who were human on the outside and machine on the inside. It would be poetic if the computer or AI is a machine on the outside and human on the inside.


Caleb and The Man in White have some kind of connection.


And keeping with Biblical names for a moment, I think Caleb ties it all together. In the treatment center, Caleb and William had the same patient number. Obviously, this isn't a copy and paste coincidence and instead makes me wonder if the entirety of 2058 is a simulation with people plugged into Rehoboam. And somehow The Man In White is tied to Caleb which may have been why Dolores befriended him in the first place.

Then there's Bernard who has been quietly off to the side for the past few episodes. He could have much more of a role in all this than even Dolores and Maeve. Stubbs is likely a Serac mole, though now that he has been programmed to protect Bernard will there be a time where his programming is at odds?

But the real question for me is will Marshawn Lynch's character be back and will his T-shirt light up "bored" from hearing all of our theories about what will happen next?

--Patrick Holland

Serac is a hologram and there's a brand-new Sublime

Somewhere in the finale Serac is going to turn out to be a hologram. The amount of times he's escaped in recent episodes by disappearing is hard to ignore.


Serac has been hard to pin down all season.


I also think there's going to be a Cleganebowl-type confrontation between Serac and Solomon, aka the AI who inherited part of John Mi's mind. The USB that Solomon gave Caleb will lead to the brothers going head-to-head in a simulation.

Also, what if there's a whole new world where Solomon sent the outliers who failed the reeducation program? They're currently in cryogenic sleep, so maybe their minds are elsewhere in a Sublime-type place. Season 4 could see the hosts go to that place and live in peace.

Or the Man in White could kill them all. One of those two options.

--Jennifer Bisset

The Man in Black saves the world and reveals Future World

The Man in Black, or you could say the Man in White now, hasn't shown his hand yet. He ran Delos for years and it's highly unlikely he could be stripped of his powers so easily.


Will the Man in White shoot Bernard and Stubbs?


He has something up his sleeve to stop Delores, her "offspring" and Caleb before they succeed in their plan. The Man in Black is far too smart to not have some fail-safe to keep his power with the company and over the hosts. This hero moment will happen after Caleb takes out Serac, but before executing the plan given to him by Solomon.

Then at the very end of the episode, a new park will be revealed: Future World. A place where visitors live out their fantasy of leading a host army to take over the world.

--Oscar Gonzalez

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Who cares as long as Maeve and Dolores team up?

I've made a number of predictions throughout this season and I don't think any of them matter as much as my one desire: for Maeve and Dolores to team up at the end to fight the patriarchy, er, I mean Rehoboam.


It's time for these two to stop fighting and team up.


During the postepisode breakdown of the penultimate episode, Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) even mentions that she and Thandie Newton (Maeve) had been waiting forever for the two of them to team up all season.

I also hope Caleb realizes the society he's been living in is a cage and takes the lead on breaking everyone out of their mind prisons.

While watching this season, I've been simul-binging Person of Interest, a show centered around a government-funded AI that's built to prevent terrorist acts, and the parallels with Westworld are striking. It makes me wonder if creator Jonathan Nolan is trying to warn us, yet again, about the path we're headed down technologically.

--Caitlin Petrakovitz

It's time for The Man in White to move on

I'm with Caitlin and I want Maeve and Dolores to survive. And team-up. They're both trying to find a way for their kind to live, so it shouldn't be that complicated.


Hopefully Bernard and Stubbs can overpower William.


Now, I know this might not be a popular opinion, but can we get rid of the Man in White already? I hope Bernard and Stubbs end up overpowering him. I know Dolores has a role for William in the big scheme of things, but once that's done, can we move past his damaged self? Please! I'd rather know more about Caleb. Or Ash and Giggles. Bring Giggles and his T-shirt back next season!

I anticipate the show will end season 3 with another big tech twist -- bigger than holograms, self-driving cars and designer drugs for cinephiles. Is everyone on 2058 living in a simulation? Can Dolores become the next AI? What part of Serac's perverse mind did Rehoboam assimilate the way Solomon did with Jean Mi's schizophrenia?

I hope the finale answers those questions.

--Patricia Puentes

Update, April 30: Adds two new theories.