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'Westworld' star confirms second season is coming soon

Choose your white or black hat and get ready. Turns out HBO had already released the premiere date, but many fans weren't aware of it.

Want to book a vacation to "Westworld," the futuristic Old West theme park where the hosts are a little too real? Start packing soon. Star Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Dolores, confirmed on Twitter Monday that the HBO show will return in the spring.

Fans were enthused to hear they wouldn't have to wait until fall, which was when the first season premiered, back in 2016.

But when someone tried to suggest Wood might have dropped some info HBO didn't want released, she linked to a ScreenRant story from July that revealed HBO had revealed its schedule way back then.

No specific date was revealed. At least one fan tried to nudge Wood to get more specific, but even Westworld hosts have their limits.