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Welcome to the Blumhouse, 8 new horror chillers on Amazon Video

Horror maestros Blumhouse bring an anthology of scary movies to Amazon Prime Video this Halloween.

The first four Blumhouse horror films hit Amazon in October. 
Amazon Prime Video

This halloween, Amazon Prime Video will haunt your eyeballs with a spine-chilling collection of eight brand new horror movies. Welcome to the Blumhouse begins on Amazon Prime Video Oct. 6. 

Horror anthology series are big on streaming services right now, with Black Mirror on Netflix, Blumhouse's Into the Dark on Hulu, and the rebooted Twilight Zone on CBS All Access (Disclosure: CNET is a part of ViacomCBS). The twist here is that this is an anthology of eight movies rather than a series of episodes.

Each of the up-and-coming writers and directors present a "distinctive vision and unique perspective on common themes centred around family and love as redemptive or destructive forces."

The first four films are The Lie, Black Box, Nocturne and Evil Eye. Two desperate parents try to cover up their daughter's horrific crime. A man undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment after he loses his wife and his memory. A timid music student outshines her twin sister with the help of a classmate who recently died. And a mother becomes convinced the new man in her daughter's life has a dark connection to her own past.

That last one, Evil Eye, is based on an Audible Original audiobook, cross-pollinating the concept from one Amazon service to another.

Blumhouse is a trusted name in terror, unleashing hits The Purge, Get Out and The Invisible Man. It's also responsible for franchises including the Paranormal Activity and Insidious movies and many more.