Website lets you plan your TV show binge watching

See how many episodes a day you'll need to watch to get through Lost in a month.

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Sean Keane

You can watch all of Lost in a month by getting through around four episodes a day.


If you're looking to binge watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars as quickly as possible so you can get into The Bad Batch, there's a website to calculate how long it'll take, as previously reported by Gizmodo. Brian Yung's Can I Binge lets you enter a show and a time frame, and tells you how many episodes you need to watch each day, week, month or year to get through it.

The calculations are based on data from Internet Movie Database, Yung noted.

Even if you're not inclined to binge watch shows, it's a useful tool for planning your TV viewing. If you're looking to get into The Sopranos before prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark hits in September, Yung's tool says you can watch three episodes a day to get through it in a month.

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