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Watch the latest 'It' trailer in VR and never sleep again

Do you hate yourself? Is sleep less of a necessity and more of an exercise in night terrors and clown visions? Time to watch "It" in virtual reality!

Full disclosure: I haven't seen the trailer for the new "It" remake -- I've only heard it. I'm such a scaredy cat, I made my partner watch it and describe it to me while I sat clutching a pillow to my chest.

"OK now there's a clown, oh there's a flash of a kid in a raincoat, now there are hands clutching at a door…"

So you'll no doubt understand my horror at learning there's a new VR trailer to tease the release of the film on September 8.

"IT: Float" is not so much "A Cinematic VR Experience" as the YouTube trailer promises, but more of a clown-based nightmare juice that you can slowly sluice into your eyeballs in stereoscopic glory.

You can watch the trailer above. Or, if you're a total sucker (like me) slide it into a Google Cardboard, Daydream or Samsung Gear VR headset and merrily wave goodbye to restful sleep.

Let me describe it to you. Laughing child makes paper boat. Paper boat drifts away on rain-slick road. Paper boat disappears. Where did it go? Oh, into that drain! But… what is that? Is that a face? He seems like a jolly fellow, but… why is he laughing like that?

(Can you tell I haven't seen "It"? We watched it at Ashley's house in Year 4, but I sat in the next room doing a full audit of Ashley's mother's antique woodwork collection.)

Suddenly we're in the dark drains of Derry, and just as suddenly my VR headset is thrown across the room.

I lasted one minute 38 seconds and give it nine haunted clowns out of 10. Death will come soon.

The remake to Stephen King's 1990 TV miniseries "It" comes to theaters Sept. 8 in the US and UK, and Sept. 7 in Australia.

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