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Watch skydivers play Quidditch in midair

Skydivers channel their inner Harry Potter and Ron Weasley to score points in this high-flying fantasy game. Even Professor Snape would be impressed.

There's already Quidditch Butterbeer Pong and a team at UCLA playing the game J.K. Rowling invented for her Harry Potter books. In fact, according to the US Quidditch Organization, there are more than 200 Quidditch teams playing for various high schools, colleges and communities around the country.

But whoever said Muggles can't play Quidditch in the air never met this team of skydivers.

The uber-dedicated fans were willing to jump out of an airplane and have one exciting sports match complete with the game's ring-shaped goal and an inflatable ball. 

The skydivers even pretend to ride broomsticks just as the wizarding students of Hogwarts do in the Harry Potter films.

Colombian telecommunications company ETB posted the footage to drum up interest in its latest digital offering. 

Of course, the video has already gone viral, with almost 460,000 views and counting.

It's fun to watch these daredevils show off their Quidditch skills. Don't worry, parachutes are deployed before anyone attempts to throw a Dark Art spell their way.