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Watch an Hour of Unused Songs From Bo Burnham's Netflix Special 'Inside'

The comedian and filmmaker dropped the ultimate gift over on YouTube.

Close up of Bo Burnham singing at a microphone.
Bo Burnham in his Netflix comedy special Inside.
Courtesy of Netflix 2021

Need more Bo Burnham in your life? Of course you do. On Monday, the comedian and filmmaker released outtakes, including new footage, jokes and unused songs from his 2021 Netflix special Inside.

The experimental special features sketches and songs composed by Burnham about his life indoors and creative process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burnham edited together an hour-long video with outtakes and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. Much of the music featured isn't complete, but is as catchy as the special's soundtrack, many songs of which entered the Billboard Global 200 charts.

Check out the outtakes here.

"A year ago today, i released a special called inside," Burnham tweeted. "i've spent the last two months editing together material that i shot for the special but didn't end up using. it will be on my youtube channel in one hour. i hope you enjoy it."