WandaVision has a new post-credits scene: What it means

Marvel might have secretly added Doctor Strange to the Disney Plus series... or it's a clumsy mistake.

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Wanda in the post-credits scene.


As we await the next episode of Loki and more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the drive to dissect, discuss and theorize about the upcoming slate of movies and TV shows is strong. Presently, WandaVision is at the heart of that furnace. A slight alteration to the post-credits scene in the finale on Disney Plus, brought to the attention of Reddit and Twitter over the weekend, means there are now healthier looking trees at the lake outside Wanda's cabin and -- wait for it -- a seemingly blurred out object that could be Doctor Strange himself.

Let's discuss what it all means -- and whether it means anything at all -- below.

What's the new post-credits scene?

At the end of the nine episodes of WandaVision, Wanda goes into hiding, holing up in a cabin where she studies the Darkhold, aka a magical textbook.

In what has become a spot-the-difference game, the most recent version of the finale on Disney Plus now has a few alterations, brought to our attention over three months since the finale was first released at the beginning of March.

For starters, there are now a greater number of slightly healthier trees at the foot of the mountain scape, as you can see in the second image below.

Aside from that solid detail, the most intriguing and divisive inclusion is a blurred-out object that sails down the mountainside, toward Wanda's cabin.

See the clip below.

Is it Doctor Strange?

There's a precedent for why this seemingly CGI'd figure could be Doctor Strange.

The character, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, was originally slated to appear in WandaVision to tie into the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, currently scheduled for a March release next year. Elizabeth Olsen will reprise her role as Wanda Maximoff for the sequel to 2016's Doctor Strange.

However, the Sorcerer Supreme was pulled from the Disney Plus series because, according to Marvel chief Kevin Feige, "it would have taken away from Wanda. We didn't want the end of the show to be commoditized to go to the next movie -- here's the white guy, 'Let me show you how power works.'"

Is Doctor Strange, in his astral form, joining Wanda? Some have pointed out that the silhouette looks like Doctor Strange flying in his usual standing position.

Is it Doctor Strange though?

Many are skeptical.

One argument says that the object is a glitch. "Is it not just the shadow of the helicopter being badly blurred out?" one wrote on Reddit.

Wrote another: "It stays in the exact same spot on the screen through the whole shot until the house over laps it... the whole time its [sic] in the same location within the frame."

"Possibly a reflection or something they wanted to remove," says one more.

Finally: "It looks like there's something on the lens of the camera. Like a water droplet."

Why the change, then?

You can take a cynical approach to this "Easter egg."

Possibly, this was an edit made after the episode's first release simply to make the trees look nicer. The strange silhouette wasn't supposed to be included.

However, if it was a deliberate piece of information, then it adds fuel to Marvel's raging theory fire, which has been flaring now and again over the currently streaming Loki series.

It gives fans something to debate for a year, while waiting for the Doctor Strange sequel. It's hope in the form of a possible CGI mistake.

"People are flipping out over this weird ass shadow at the end of #WandaVision because of a TikTok and this is perfect for Disney, who can just say nothing and we will all debate it endlessly for a year," tweeted CNET's Jackson Ryan.

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