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Venom: Let There Be Carnage movie is roasting its fans -- by request only

Nothing says happy holidays like a personalized insult from a gooey alien symbiote!

Venom wants to roast you.

Fans of gooey alien symbiote Venom now can be attacked by the toothy creature without ever leaving home. The Twitter account for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, offered on Tuesday to roast (aka, humorously mock) any fans who requested a tongue-lashing from the nasty-tongued creature that bonded with human Eddie Brock.

"Eddie and I have the perfect holiday gift for you: a holiday roast!" the tweet read. "If you can handle the heat, comment "#Venom Roast Me" below!"

And people lined up to request a roasting. 

To a person who commented, "Last time you called me cute, wonder what you have planned this time," Venom's response was, "I lied."

One person shared a photo of their pet lizard and wrote, "Venom roast me AND my son," earning the response, "He got your looks."

To someone whose profile photo featured a camera, Venom responded, "the long lens is because no one will let you near them, right?"

To someone who shared a photo of their cat, Venom wrote, "needs more ketchup."

To someone who shared a photo proving they recently bought a Blu-ray of the movie, Venom got judgy about their social life, writing "now you can watch tonight with no one!"

But to one person, whose profile photo featured scary, googly eyes, Venom responded with "if you're as dangerous as you look, i'm good."

Venom: Let There Be Carnage came out in October, and our reviewer thought it was better than the original.