Twitter’s top-tweeted movies, TV shows of 2017

Forget the critics' lists. Here are the movies and television shows that made the most noise on Twitter this year.

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When you need that succinctly perfect take on how you feel about something, Twitter rarely lets you down.

The social network on Tuesday revealed its 2017 top tweets list, which highlighted just how dark the year really was. On the subject of movies and TV shows, the tone was far less somber. This year brought a bundle of movies and shows that were quotable, meme-friendly and ripe for dissection.

For a look on the lighter side, here are the movies and shows that sparked the most tweets.

" Black Panther " doesn't come out until February, but the hype is already building. That's partly because Chadwick Boseman of "Get On Up" and "Marshall" will bring life to T'Challa aka Black Panther aka the first black hero in mainstream comic books. Marvel icon Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby created the character in 1966. CNET spoke to Boseman earlier this year about his role as king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, the world's most technologically advanced, and secretive, country.

"Thor: Ragnarok", the third in Marvel's Thor series, brought a relative unknown to Hollywood. Taika Waititi, a director from New Zealand, stepped into the Marvel Universe with a just handful of indie comedies under his belt. The Thor movies weren't exactly known for jokes, but Waititi changed that. "Thor: Ragnarok" mined every moment for its comic potential, and fan reactions on Twitter tapped a similar vein.

"Justice League" generated a swell of Twitter notice thanks to its immediate predecessor, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", a 2016 blockbuster that didn't fare well with critics or most fans. (CNET's takeaway on "Justice League" was positive, despite its flaws.) Aside from reviews, the biggest stir on Twitter came at the hand of co-screenwriter Joss Whedon. He liked a tweet from Joanna Robinson, a writer for Vanity Fair, giving villain Steppenwolf a poor review. Fans -- Whedon would discover -- noticed. And they weren't pleased.

Superhero movies have done well on Twitter's top-tweeted list. "Spider-Man: Homecoming" took the web-slinging hero back to his roots. While the teenage Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, spun a fun, lighter take on the character, fans noticed another lighter hand -- on one of the film's promotional posters. Many suggested another round of Photoshop edits.

Switching to TV for a moment, "The Handmaid's Tale", an adaption of Margaret Atwood's 1985 dystopian novel, made huge waves for streaming service Hulu. The series won eight Emmy awards, including outstanding drama series -- a first for a streaming series. The story, which follows the lives of women in a world where conservative religious values have been taken to the extreme, hit close to home for many Twitter users in 2017.

"Stranger Things" didn't disappoint with its second season in 2017. One character in particular enjoyed newfound popularity. Last year's anti-hero, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), teamed up with some of the younger characters this season in fighting monsters from the Upside Down. His efforts warmed the hearts of many Twitter users.

"Wonder Woman" was one of one of the biggest success stories in 2017. The film, directed by Patty Jenkins, leapfrogged the negative baggage of its predecessor in the DC family, "Batman v Superman", to score big at the box office and with fans.

On that note, may 2018 bring you a flock of good tweets.

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