Twins sequel casts Tracy Morgan as Arnie and Danny Devito's surprise sibling

Eddie Murphy was busy (for 10 years).

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Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito played mismatched brothers in '80s hit comedy Twins. Now they're teaming up again, joined by surprise sibling Tracy Morgan for planned sequel Triplets.

The film is still in the early stages, with the concept shopped around the Toronto Film Festival. Deadline reports that original director Ivan Reitman is also on board with Schwarzenegger, DeVito and Morgan. Reitman said the film originated with the idea of Eddie Murphy as a third brother, something that's been talked about since at least 2012. Lately Murphy was too busy after his own revival of an '80s comedy, Coming 2 America, on Amazon Prime Video, but we're not sure what his excuse was for the decade before that.

Kinda sucks for Morgan that the announcement of his casting is basically, "Welp, we couldn't get Eddie Murphy," but there you go. Morgan actually appeared in Coming 2 America, after stints in TV comedies The Last O.G. and 30 Rock.

There's no word on which studio or streaming service will pick up Triplets, if any, but Reitman is keen to shoot next year in Boston.

Reitman is also producing another '80s revival; Ghostbusters: Afterlife has weathered multiple pandemic delays and is scheduled to bust into theaters in November.

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