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Twin Peaks intro animated with paper

A creative fan pays tribute to Twin Peaks using nothing but paper. Agent Cooper would be impressed. Just don't tell the Log Lady, she might take the choice of material personally.

In Twin Peaks -- the bizarre murder mystery TV series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost in the '90s -- nothing was what it seemed. 

The show felt innovative and familiar at the same time, sending chills down our spines as we slowly discovered over two seasons who killed Laura Palmer.

A YouTube channel called And The World Was Paper has re-imagined the Twin Peaks opening credits with paper.

The opening shot of the varied thrush bird, the Snoqualmie Falls, the famous Twin Peaks sign (population 51,201) and Packard Saw Mill are all recreated and animated with paper. The "Twin Peaks Theme Song" composed by Angelo Badalamenti is performed in the video by Bedroom Musician.

Be sure to check out the And The World Was Paper channel for more paper tributes including this impressive remake of the movie trailer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.