Trailer for Netflix's Roma has no spoilers, or anything else

Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón offers a seriously mysterious teaser.

Richard Trenholm Former Movie and TV Senior Editor
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Richard Trenholm

If you hate trailers that give away too much information, then have we got the teaser for you. A new promo clip for Alfonso Cuarón's forthcoming Netflix film Roma not only avoids spoilers, it manages not to give away any actual information about the movie at all.

Cuarón's follow-up to his Oscar win for Gravity is a semi-autobiographical Spanish-language film set in Mexico City in the early 1970s. You won't get that from the trailer, however, which simply shows a minute of water washing over tiles while a plane flies overhead. The only thing the mesmeric clip really tells us about the film is that it's black-and-white.

A black-and-white foreign-language film with no stars? That would make any Hollywood marketing department nervous, which is probably why they've chosen to build mystique rather than showing too much.

Roma was shot on 65mm film with Dolby Atmos sound, which means it's very much designed for the big screen. But it was pulled from the Cannes film festival in a spat between the organisers and Netflix, which has acquired Roma. It will appear at the Venice Film Festival in September, but whether Cuarón's coming-of-age tale gets a general theatrical release before streaming on Netflix remains to be seen.