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Toys R Us is turning its stores into a digital playground

The toy giant's augmented-reality app adds places games throughout the store for kids to play with.

Toys R Us is adding virtual giraffes, race tracks and other games to its stores with a new augmented-reality app launching this month.

The Play Chaser app on iOS and Android creates the play experiences by pointing a phone's camera at Play Chaser signs that are coming to the toy giant's stores in the US. When they do, games that appear include basketball shootouts, a baby nursery and similar experiences that will look as if they magically appear inside the store.

Toys R Us notes in its announcement that the app does not include any in-app purchases or ads that could lead to accidental spending (but that won't stop your children from accidentally switching to another app where they might shop away).

Play Chaser is currently testing in a small number of stores throughout the US, with a nationwide rollout planned for Oct. 21.