Fans back Alicia Vikander after 'Tomb Raider' breast criticism

Internet trolls attack Vikander's physique as Lara Croft in "Tomb Raider," but fans are quick to defend her leaner look.

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Alicia Vikander steps into the movie role made famous by Angelina Jolie.

Ilze Kitshoff

Lara Croft, the star of the Tomb Raider game series, has been known not just for her daring and athleticism, but also for her status as a video game sex symbol with a sizable bust. 

We now have a new version of Croft for the movie reboot "Tomb Raider," which serves as the character's origin story. Star Alicia Vikander doesn't exactly fit into the big-breast mold of the original character, which Angelina Jolie originated for the big-screen role in 2001, and that's brought out the worst in some online trolls.

Twitter is home to a series of rude comments about her breasts being too small for the character, led by a Twitter user called Amazing Atheist Guy. The London Evening Standard notes the Twitter account belongs to YouTube user TJ Kirk, who also posted a video titled "Lara Croft's b00bz - The Issue Of The Century."

"Do I have to be the asshole who says her tits are too small for me to see her as Lara Croft?" Kirk wrote on Twitter. In the video, Kirk says he didn't expect the tweet to get much reaction, but he is also a self-described "ranter." 

In the video, Kirk argues that Croft's original highly sexualized appearance should be continued for the new movie since it was a notable aspect of many of her game appearances. He describes the character's look as a "sex doll with a grudge come to life."

Kirk isn't the only Twitter user expressing a similar sentiment, but fans supportive of Vikander's leaner athletic look have launched a wave of support for the actress.

Some Twitter users are going super old-school and calling back to the original 1996 game where the graphics at the time depicted Croft with a very triangular bust. 

A 2008 IGN look into Tomb Raider history revealed Croft's original breast size was an accident that ended up making it into the finalized game. The character's look has changed over the years, with recent games giving her more practical clothing, a more realistic waist and a smaller bust.

While we all know Lara Croft can kick butt and defend herself, it's heartening to see fans stepping up for her and taking a stand against troll-y behavior. The new "Tomb Raider" movie opens in theaters this week.

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