Tom Cruise shows off his daring 'Mission: Impossible' stunt

Cruise proves his daredevil determination in this stunt maneuver on a crashing helicopter from "Mission: Impossible - Fallout."

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

Actor Tom Cruise never shies away from a scary stunt. Whether he's dangling from a cliff's edge in the desert or walking on the side of the largest glass skyscraper in Dubai, he prefers to do a lot of his own stunts, and sometimes documents the process for fans who want to see him put himself in harm's way for the sake of entertainment.

In the new "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" trailer -- which aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday -- fans saw Cruise in a number of impressive action shots, including flying a helicopter while it's crashing

On Wednesday, Cruise shared a video on Instagram and YouTube breaking down the helicopter stunt for fans. 

In the video, the camera men explain that they developed special rigs to capture the stunt and prove that Cruise is the only one flying the helicopter during the death-defying feat.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" opens on July 27 in the US and UK, and on Aug. 2 in Australia.

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