To celebrate May the 4th, ask Alexa these Star Wars questions

Hrrmmm. Your Amazon virtual assistant, talk like Baby Yoda you can make. Yes, hrrmmm.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Luke, Leia, and Han

May the Fourth be with you, and with Alexa, too.


Alexa , May the Fourth be with you. For Star Wars Day, May 4, fans may choose to celebrate by watching Star Wars movies, or by scooping up games or merchandise. But if you have virtual assistants that use Amazon's Alexa, such as an Echo or Dot, you can get your Star Wars fix for free from the comfort of your couch. Admittedly, there are not a whole galaxy of options, but try out the questions and commands written in bold below. 

Alexa, tell me a Baby Yoda joke.
Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke.

Alexa, how cute is Baby Yoda?
Alexa, talk like Baby Yoda.

Want some galactic humor? You can ask Alexa to tell you a Star Wars joke or even more specifically, a Baby Yoda joke. ("What's Baby Yoda's favorite bedtime story? Goodnight, That's No  Moon .") You can ask her, "Alexa, how cute is Baby Yoda?" or ask her to talk like Baby Yoda, but in my experience, she only has one answer for each of those, so consider those one-shot asks.

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Alexa, begin my Jedi lessons.
If you really want to educate yourself like Luke Skywalker, saying "Alexa, begin my Jedi lessons" will set her off with nine lessons in the world of Star Wars. Welcome, Padawan!

Alexa, use the Force. 
When I tried this, Alexa offered up Star Wars jokes, mostly, but occasionally some interesting movie trivia. Did George Lucas really take the inspiration for the Millennium Falcon's shape from a hamburger with a bite out of it? Sounds like he did. Alexa knows her stuff. 

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