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TikTok will stream Spider-Man: No Way Home red carpet premiere. Here's how to watch

The social-video app is also rolling out special creator tools for the upcoming film.

Catch the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home via TikTok.

The world premiere of Marvel's upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home is happening Monday, and fans will have the chance to tune in to the red carpet event.

TikTok on Friday shared a blog post with details on how to watch the event, and also teased some upcoming Spider-Man tools fans can use within the app. 

Here's what to know about TikTok's upcoming features, ahead of the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home on Dec. 17. 

How can I watch the red carpet premiere?

TikTok will be hosting the red carpet world premiere on Monday, Dec. 13, starting at 5:50 p.m. PT. The company will stream the event from its official account, here. The special will be hosted by creators @straw_hat_goofy and @hellotefi. Viewers can watch the Spider-Man: No Way Home cast, which includes Tom Holland and Zendaya, arrive on the red carpet.

What other Spider-Man features will be released?

In addition to streaming the premiere, TikTok will be rolling out new tools for creators in the coming days. 

That includes the Spider-Man: No Way Home portal effect, which lets users "become Doctor Strange" with an effect that allows them to "open new portals and new dimensions via a green screen portal simply by showing the palm of your hand." That feature will be coming soon. 

Creators will also be able to add parts of the film's musical score to their TikTok videos. The full musical score from the movie will be available later this month.

In November, The Daily Bugle, a fictional newspaper featured in the the Spider-Man comics and films, joined the social video app. It now has over 843,000 followers.