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This tour of the Harry Potter hotel will leave you spellbound

You may be a Muggle, but you can still vacation like Harry Potter. Stay at the Wizard Chambers located inside the Georgian House Hotel in London. No owl or wand required.

If you stay at the Harry Potter-themed Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House Hotel in London, you can live like a wizard without having to wait for your letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You don't even need to hop on the Hogwarts Express train at the secret platform at London's King Cross Station.

The Wizard Chambers come furnished with canopy beds, tartan plaid blankets, antique-silver tea service, antler chandeliers, and of course, a banner of the Gryffindor House crest hanging on the stone-looking walls.

The rooms have unique Easter eggs for "Harry Potter" fans, too, including ceramic owls, roaring fireplaces, antique scales, ornate mirrors, vintage luggage trunks, and even well-read copies of the "Harry Potter" books themselves.

"The Georgian House Hotel places great emphasis on welcoming families and I really wanted to create something fun for young visitors," Serena von der Heyde, partner at The Georgian House, told The Independent. "When guests arrive we light candles and play music as they enter the Wizard Chambers -- it's a great way to give families a unique stay."

Fans who want all the extras can also sign up for the Harry Potter Tour Package, which includes the Muggle Tour of locations where the movies were filmed, as well as the Warner Bros Studio Tour, which goes behind the scenes of the making of the "Harry Potter" films.

For two people, a stay at the Wizard Chambers will cost £209 (approximately $336 AU$380). And yes, that includes a proper English breakfast.

One night in the Wizard Chambers for two people that includes breakfast as well as the Muggle Tour goes for £249 (about $400, AU$454). One night in the Wizard Chambers for two people with breakfast, Muggle Tour tickets and Studio Tour tickets including the branded bus travel from Victoria Station is £363 (approximately $585, AU$663).

Before you book the ultimate magical vacation, take a virtual tour of the Wizard Chambers in our gallery above.