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This giant body-surfing David Hasselhoff could be your new roommate

Now's your chance to own a larger-the-life version of The Hoff from Spongebob the Movie. You can also bid on his KITT Knight Rider car.

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Bonnie Burton profile photo
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This giant David Hasselhoff prop really is a statement piece.

Diligent Auction Services

If you've ever wanted a giant version of David Hasselhoff in your home, you're in luck. A 14-foot-long model of the actor wearing his signature red Baywatch lifeguard swim trunks is for sale by Diligent Auction Services via the Live Auctioneers website

This oversize model stretches out as if Hasselhoff were bodysurfing. It was used in the 2004 SpongeBob SquarePants movie, as well as shown during the 2010 Comedy Central Roast of Hasselhoff. 

In the SpongeBob SquarePants movie, Hasselhoff, who plays himself, swims across the sea with SpongeBob and Patrick on his back.

The oversize Hasselhoff prop comes in two parts and is propped up on rolling metal racks. It measures approximately 167 by 54 by 54 inches. It really is lifelike -- right down to Hasselhoff's back hair.

The estimated highest bid is $1,500,000, but considering it's already at $120,000 as of Tuesday, it could end up going for a lot more. The live bidding event begins on Jan. 23 at 9 a.m. PT.


David Hasselhoff and KITT the car in Knight Rider circa 1982.


This isn't the first time this giant Hasselhoff prop has been on the auction block. In 2014, it was about to go on sale at Julien's Auctions with an estimated $30,000 price at the time. But Hasselhoff, who owns the prop, decided to take it out of the auction

If you'd rather bid on another piece of TV pop culture history, Diligent Auction Services is also auctioning Hasselhoff's personal KITT Knight Rider car, the AI-enabled Pontiac Firebird from the 1980s TV series. Its auction estimate is between $175,000 and $300,000. Since the car is currently in the UK, the winner will also have to pay extra for shipping costs. 


Here's the Hoff's KITT Knight Rider car that's up for auction.

Diligent Auction Services

From the Diligent Auction Services page showing off the KITT car, it looks like the interior has all the bells and whistles of the prop car. It's described on the auction site as a "fully functional KITT car with full conversion car."

And that's not even the best part of the KITT car auction. If the winning bid "exceeds 25 percent of the reserve price ($975,000), the Hoff will personally deliver the car to the new owner."