The Walking Dead, SNL: Which fall TV return is your state most excited for?

Folks are taking to Google to see when their favorite shows are coming back.

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Erin Carson

Utah is very excited for Riverdale.


Another round of fall television is nearly upon us, and viewers are taking to Google to find out when their favorite shows are coming back.

In a blog post Thursday, Google revealed the most-searched returning TV shows, with Saturday Night Live, The Walking Dead and Grey's Anatomy taking the top three spots across genres.  

As for scripted comedies, three animated shows -- The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park -- brought in the most searches. On the drama end, The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy and Riverdale came out on top.

Google also published a map showing most-searched shows by state. While much of the Southeast and portions of the Midwest are mainly concerned with The Walking Dead, there's a Grey's Anatomy stronghold running through Dakotas, Kansas, Texas and Louisiana. 

Meanwhile in Hawaii, the most searched for show is, well, Hawaii Five-0

(Editors' note: Hawaii Five-0 airs on CBS, which also owns CNET.)