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'The Simpsons' trolls Trump's 'presidential' tweets in video

Moe-M-G! Springfield's favorite bartender gets in a dig at the president's social media habits in a short but sweet clip.

Leave it to "The Simpsons" to splendidly skewer President Donald Trump's Twitter habits. In a short video released Monday, the Fox animated show put the live-tweeting power in the four-fingered hands of bartender Moe Szyslak.

Tweeting under the username "Small Businessman With Shotgun Under His Counter," Moe let his Springfield customers have it with both barrels. He took on frequent patron Barney Gumble, TV host Krusty the Clown, blue-haired Marge Simpson, Spanish-speaking sitcom star Bumblebee Man (he "took an American's job," claims Moe) and new Houston Rocket Chris Paul. (Moe's kinda bitter about that last one. Must be a Clippers fan.)

Simply hitting send on the tweet gives Moe a presidential feeling. Modern-day presidential, even.