Baby Yoda sipping-soup meme threatens to replace Kermit sipping tea

This new Star Wars Mandalorian meme is hot.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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Look, we don't even know what Baby Yoda's species is, but apparently now we know the cutie-pie character from The Mandalorian eats soup. In the latest episode of the Disney Plus streaming Star Wars series, which aired Friday, the undisputed star of the show looked like the star of the best Campbell's Soup commercial ever, standing and sipping hot sustenance from a perfect little mug. Just LOOK.

You've seen the meme of Kermit the Frog sipping tea, often captioned with some dig and then the line, "But that's none of my business"? Yeah, sorry, Kermie. Baby Yoda eats frogs.

"Baby Yoda and his soup is the new sipping-tea meme," one Twitter user declared in a tweet. "I've said it."

Sometimes, the image gets a little editing, with the soup changing over to the more familiar tea.

And it's already coming in handy for some personal situations.

Others used the image to meditate on the intricacies of space soup. "Baby Yoda drinking soup implies the existence of space bisque," wrote one person. Just don't think about what might be in that brew.

Some people are reminded of a holiday morning ritual. "Every Mom on Christmas morning watching you open presents," wrote one Twitter user.

Or of life with a soap-opera fan. "Don't disturb me while I'm watching my stories," another Twitter user wrote.

And Baby Yoda drinking soup has even inspired some Deep Thoughts. "Maybe juuuust maybe, we've all fallen in love with baby yoda because having babies is at an all-time low as our kids' generation would grow up in a horrible environment," wrote one Twitter user.

The next episode of The Mandalorian will air on Disney Plus on Dec. 6.

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