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The Kid Who Would Be King movie trailer needs more Patrick Stewart

This kid-friendly version of the King Arthur legend promises Picard, but the preview doesn't deliver.

The first trailer for The Kid Who Would Be King, the upcoming British fantasy film based on the legend of King Arthur, was released Wednesday. Patrick Stewart, of Star Trek and X-Men fame, stars as the wizard Merlin, but don't expect to see more than a glimpse of him. (Merlin's teenage form, played by Angus Imrie, gets more screen time.)

Young actor Louis Ashbourne Serkis plays Alex, a British schoolboy who must gather his friends to defeat a medieval villain named Morgana (Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson). But first, there's a little incident with a not-quite-round Round Table.

The film is written and directed by Joe Cornish, best known for his 2011 horror-comedy Attack the Block. It will be released Jan. 25, 2019 in the U.S., followed by Feb. 15 in the UK. No Australia release date has yet been announced.