The Irishman trailer doesn't de-age De Niro much

Martin Scorsese's Netflix gangster epic keeps its code of silence for now.

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Richard Trenholm

Hey, wiseguys! Here's your first proper look at The IrishmanMartin Scorsese's epic gangster thriller heading for Netflix . But if you want a look at the much-discussed digital de-aging effects set to make Robert De NiroAl PacinoHarvey Keitel and Joe Pesci look much younger, then you can fuhgeddaboutit.

The star-spangled mob movie will span decades of American history when it appears on Netflix, with the release date yet to be confirmed. The film has largely been shrouded in secrecy, fueling speculation around the use of computer-generated effects to make the cast appear younger. But there's not much of that to be seen in the trailer, in which Pacino's Jimmy Hoffa and De Niro's hitman are mixed with brief flashes of gangster action and hints about the Kennedy assassination.

What we don't see is anything that appears to have been significantly digitally altered. Pacino, De Niro and Pesci pretty much look their age, and the reveal of De Niro's face around the 1:40 mark is still the face of an aged wiseguy.

So where's the CGI? We're guessing they're saving the surprise for the New York Film Festival in September, when The Irishman will have its premiere.

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