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'The Batman' Moviegoer Sneaks Real Bat Into Screening

Guests at an Austin theater share the space with a high-flying infiltrator.

The Batman
"Warner Bros. is really going for the 4D movie experience," one Twitter user wrote. 

Things got batty at an Austin movie theater on Friday as guests got a visit from at least one creature of the night they didn't pay to see. 

A visitor brought a live bat to a screening of The Batman in what staff referred to as a prank, according to a report from local news station KXAN. The uninvited guest flew around the theater, prompting staff to pause the flick. 

In a video posted to Twitter, a small creature can be seen fluttering about in the air. "I'm at the Batman movie, and there are real bats in the theater…" the user wrote.

The user also shared a clip of what appears to be a member of the theater's staff walking the audience through a plan to curb the critter.

"I'm going to turn all these lights off and try to get it to go into this lighted area," the staff member says. "If you are uncomfortable being in the dark with the bat, please remove yourself now."

According to KXAN, management made multiple attempts to remove the bat, but they were unsuccessful. Animal control was contacted immediately. 

The theater, Moviehouse & Eatery, offered refunds to guests, but most chose to stay and watch The Batman, a moviegoer told KXAN. The general manager told the station the theater will buff up security and do bag-checks to prevent similar pranks. Maybe they should also stock up on a few of these false widow spiders to combat any infiltrating bats in the future.