Your Bachelorette bracket cheat sheet

Bachelorette brackets are tough this year. Here are my (frequently changing) predictions to ensure you win.

Alexandra Able Senior Social Media Producer
3 min read
Paul Hebert

Wow. This season has yet to disappoint. And you know everything you need to know about this season, so it's time to set your fantasy bracket. Remember: brackets close at 4 p.m. PT on Mondays! This is an integral part of the entire experience that lets you predict the winner, then rage when they don't win (Oh, Peter. I put all of my money on you!) or scream with joy when you were right. 

So let's get into predictions, and the men I'm going to place my bets on for this season. And let me know if you don't agree with my picks, I do want to know who you are betting on!   

Who you should be the most excited about

  • Blake: Blake is still so cute.This boy will make it to the final two, if not win the whole thing. Their one-on-one date showed their amazing chemistry (that kiss!), he seems to genuinely like and appreciate her, and she seems completely smitten with him. Every time he is on screen, Becca lights up. He's my No. 1 seed pick.
  • David (Chicken Boy): This boy is bringing his A-game, but he's definitely stirring up some drama. I still love how much fun he is, even after he fell out of his bunk bed, and how he calls Jordan on his BS. And I love how unguarded Becca is around him. He's so positive and upbeat about this entire process. He's my No. 2 seed pick. 
  • Connor: He seems sweet and I want the best for him.   
  • Jason T.: So he hasn't wooed me yet, but he's clearly wooed Becca. I'm keeping him at the top because it seems like Becca really likes him, though I can't see it. 
  • Colton: This boy has been upgraded once again! He handled the Tia situation very well, and I like how he makes Becca feel. 
  • Wills R.: WHERE DID THIS BOY COME FROM? I love him.  
  • John from Venmo: UM, he has lasted so long and I'm genuinely happy about it. You go John from Venmo!

Clay, Connor, David, Jean Blanc, Nick and Jordan getting down and dirty.

Paul Hebert/ABC

The drama/boys to keep your eye on

  • Jean Blanc: LOL. Told y'all there was something fishy about him.
  • Jordan: HE IS GOING ON THE two-on-one date. Becca is gonna dump 👏 his 👏 ass 👏
  • Chris R.: He's only here because I think Becca likes him a lot but I do not and cannot put him in "Boys you should be excited about." Don't like him, don't think he's here for Becca.  And episode 5 preview showed I'm right. 
  • Lincoln: HE IS A FLAT-EARTHER, WHICH MEANS HE IS AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED. I feel very strongly about this. I need him to go. 

The guys who will break badass Becca's heart

  • Garrett: After everything that happened with his Instagram account, he's been away from the spotlight in the show, so who knows? ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

I'll continue updating this post as I watch more and the drama continues. I know my predictions will change, but let me know who you think makes it to the end. Tweet me with your predictions, @alexandraable.

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