The 355 trailer: Ocean's 8 meets James Bond for glamorous spy action

Jessica Chastain leads a squad of Oscar-winning spies, like the Expendables but classier.

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Richard Trenholm

The name's Chastain -- Jessica Chastain.


Spies! Shooting things! Stealing stuff from people at fancy parties! The first trailer for The 355 is here to meet all your espionage action movie needs.

In a mix of Ocean's 8 crossed with Jason Bourne and James Bond, wild card CIA agent Mason "Mace" Brown recruits a squad of spies from an assortment of countries to take on a common foe. Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain gets the team together, along with Oscar winners Lupita Nyong'o and Penelope Cruz, and international stars Diane Kruger and Fan Bingbing. Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez round out the cast.

Chastain suggested the idea to director Simon Kinberg while they were working on recent X-Men movie Dark Phoenix. The title refers to Agent 355, the codename of America's first female spy during the American Revolution whose real identity remains unknown.

The 355 is scheduled to be released on Jan. 15, 2021, although who knows if theaters will be open safely by then. You can see the ever-changing calendar of movie blockbuster release dates here.

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