Tekken's Kazuya Mishima is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate

The scarred fighter is joining the Nintendo Switch game's roster.

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Sean Keane

Kazuya prepares to drop Kirby in the Smash Bros. trailer.


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster is Tekken a new direction, as iconic fighter Kazuya Mishima joins the list of personnel, Nintendo revealed during its E3 Direct livestream on Tuesday. We don't know exactly when he's coming, but director Masahiro Sakurai promised a deep dive on June 28.

In addition to hinting at his combos, the reveal video shows the broody Kazuya dropping various Smash characters off a cliff -- a reference to the Tekken cut scene where his mean dad, Heihachi, does so to poor Kazuya. Don't worry, Kazuya returns the favor later in the series.