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'Ted Lasso' Season 3 Teaser Reveals March Release Date

The third season of Ted Lasso returns to Apple TV Plus this spring.

A third season of the award-winning comedy is something to believe in.
Apple TV+ Press

Hold on to your soccer balls (or footballs). If you've been waiting for the third season of Ted Lasso, we have a release date to look forward to at long last. Ted Lasso season 3 kicks off on Apple TV Plus on Wednesday, March 15, according to a trailer released on Tuesday.

Season 3, according to Apple, starts with AFC Richmond soccer club members facing negative team performance predictions from the media, which expects them to place last in the Premier League. Nate (Nick Mohammed), Ted Lasso's talented friend-turned-enemy, has gone to work for rival team West Ham United. Former captain Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) is now Richmond's assistant coach. 

And what about our favorite American expat and soccer coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis)? While keeping it altogether on the field, Lasso is dealing with his personal issues off the soccer field and back in the US. 

The third season's 12 episodes will be released on Apple TV Plus on Wednesdays, a shift from the first two seasons' Friday release day.

It's unclear if season 3 will be Ted Lasso's last. Goldstein said last summer that the writing team is treating it as the show's sendoff. However, Warner Bros. Television declined to comment on that statement at the time.

The show has raked up awards for its first and second seasons, with season 1 becoming the most Emmy-nominated freshman comedy series in history and season 2 being the most Emmy-winning comedy for the second year in a row, according to an Apple TV Plus press release.