Find your 'Stranger Things' music match on Spotify

Metalhead Demogorgan or an angsty anthem-loving teen? Discover which "Stranger Things" character you're most like based on your music preferences.

If you want to listen to Madonna and The Ting Tings, then Eleven's playlist is perfect for you. 

The music featured in Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things" is just as central to the story as the monsters themselves. 

Whether it's Jonathan introducing his younger brother Will to the sounds of The Clash, or even just the ominous theme song of "Stranger Things" itself, the '80s music soundtrack often reflects not just the tone of a scene but the very personality of a character as well.

Most recently, the music soundtrack in season 2 of "Stranger Things," proves that certain bands and songs play an even bigger part in the story, as new characters like Bob Newby (Sean Astin) talks about loving Kenny Rogers, while Billy the bully (Dacre Montgomery) prefers metal bands Metallica and Ratt. 

Now fans can learn even more about their favorite "Stranger Things" characters in a new immersive music experience from Spotify and Netflix.

Spotify created musical profiles of 13 characters from "Stranger Things" -- including favorites like Will, Eleven, Dustin, Joyce, Chief Hopper, Jonathan and even the Demogorgan monster himself. 

Spotify then matches those character profiles with your own listening habits to find out which character you may be most like. 

If you enjoy listening to retro bands like New Order or the Pixies, then you might end up being paired with Joyce's Halloween House Party playlist, which includes Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the Doors' "People are Strange." 

If you like Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones, Hopper's Nighttime Drive playlist is perfect for "small-town police chiefs that like their coffee and contemplation to go."

If indie bands that tend to be on the more morose side appeal to you, then you'll dig Jonathan's playlist full of angst-ridden loner anthems from Radiohead and White Stripes. Eleven's Breakfast Jams playlist wins for having the most eclectic mix, with Lorde, Patti Smith and Madonna.

Best of all, when you share your "Stranger Things" character match playlist on social media, the Spotify screen itself rotates so you can pretend to be passing through The Upside Down -- without all the dangers of being attacked by Demo-dogs. 

Season 2 of "Stranger Things" debuted Friday on Netflix, just in case you feel like binge-watching the entire series now.

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