Stranger Things immersive experience will turn you Upside Down

The Netflix hit will haunt Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios as its theme parks re-create the creepy '80s world of Hawkins, Indiana.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

You've seen every second of Netflix's retro horror hit Stranger Things. Now get ready to step into the creepy world of Hawkins and its disturbing Upside Down counterpart.  

Fans of the '80s throwback series will have a chance to experience the closest thing to being Barb as Universal Studios brings Stranger Things to life at its theme parks later this year. It will be part of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, an annual event running from Sept. 14 through Nov. 3. 

The Stranger Things experience will go live at Universal Studios' Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore locations, so fans may need to do some traveling to get to Hawkins, Indiana.

Universal promises to re-create "the show's most iconic scenes, '80s settings, and most loved characters" with a focus on season 1. 

The experience will trace a storyline that starts in the town and moves inside Hawkins National Laboratory, "where things have gone terribly, terribly wrong." And, oh yes, you will be hunted by the fearsome Demogorgon.

Universal Studios released an appropriate-looking promo poster Tuesday as well. It shows the Stranger Things stars on bikes looking at the entrance to the theme park, which has been stricken by the Upside Down. 

While details are a little sparse, we're pretty sure there will be Eggo waffles involved.


The Upside Down will become temporarily real at Universal Studios later this year.

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