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'Stranger Things' to return for season 3 on Netflix

The town of Hawkins isn't out of the scary woods yet. "Stranger Things" gets picked up for a third season.

Don't set down those Eggos! You're going to need them for season 3.

Netflix isn't done turning things Upside Down. 

It's picking up retro horror hit "Stranger Things" for a third season, the streaming service said Friday. The actual announcement came about in an interesting way. First, Netflix US posted what should have been a rhetorical question on Twitter asking, "Should we make another season of Stranger Things?" Fans could answer with a "YES!" or "Nope" in a poll. 

Instead of leaving us hanging, Netflix followed up with this tweet confirming a season 3:

The poll answers come across more divided than you might expect. With just over 3,000 votes as of 8:30 a.m. PT Friday morning, the answers were split, with 55 percent saying "yes" and 45 percent saying "no." But then this is Twitter we're talking about, and its users are sometimes known for being contrary.

The official "Stranger Things" Twitter account retweeted the Netflix message, cc'ed the show's writers and declared, "Oh. Yes. Ok. On it."

We'll have to wait for the inevitable "Stranger Things" season 3 teasers to begin. Until then, we know very little about what might happen as we return to the story of Eleven and the residents of the supernaturally afflicted town of Hawkins, Indiana.