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'Stranger Things' promo turns season 1 into an arcade game

Ready, player one? Fill your inventory with Eggos, earn a sass bonus -- and GO HOME Barb, GO HOME! Welp, game over.

"Stranger Things" celebrates its 1980s setting with everything from Dungeons & Dragons and fabulously feathered hair (a little '70s, but OK) to Barb's Trapper Keeper. So it's no surprise that it works pretty well as an '80s-style arcade video game in the show's latest promo video.

The video has that 1980s, "hey-we're-just-learning-how-to-make-games" style down pat, and looks so real you want to grab a joystick and play along. 

Make sure you have plenty of Eggos in your inventory, earn a sass bonus (especially easy if you're Eleven) and make decisions using text commands. Should Barb STAY HERE at that fateful party or GO HOME? Oh noooo, Barb, you made the wrong choice, and no amount of Trapper Keeper magic is going to keep you safe on that diving board.

The second season of "Stranger Things" premieres on Netflix on Oct. 27.

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