'Stranger Things' spoofs 'Friday the 13th' in creepy trailer

Count up to 13 with "Stranger Things" in a Netflix tribute trailer based on the classic slasher film and get ready for the show's final trailer on Friday,

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a day reputed to bring bad luck down upon all who experience it. It's also the title of a classic 1980 horror film about a murderous stalker haunting teenagers at a lake campground. In a continuing effort to pay tribute to all of its '80s influences, "Stranger Things" dropped a trailer Thursday modeled after the vintage one for "Friday the 13th."

The original trailer features a clever conceit of counting up from 1 through 13 and showing snippets of the horror that awaits viewers. The "Stranger Things" version follows the same formula, giving startling glimpses of people in creepy Halloween masks, scared scientists huddling together, a flashlight shining into a tunnel and other quick tidbits from the Netflix show.

While the video is a clever spoof, it's primarily aimed at hyping up the final trailer for "Stranger Things," which is due out on Friday. 

"Stranger Things" returns for its second season on Netflix on Oct. 27. The lead-up to the season premiere has been paved with an epic marketing campaign full of '80s nostalgia, including the release of a classic arcade-style game and a set of horror tribute posters.

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