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'Stranger Things' clip answers a big question about Eleven

A new scene from "Stranger Things" season 2 follows Eleven's struggle to break free from the creepy Upside Down world.

Caution: Minor spoilers for "Stranger Things" ahead.

Unless you've been successfully hiding from all "Stranger Things" spoilers, then you know Eleven returns to the real world in the show's upcoming second season on Netflix. The question has been how she makes it through from the messed-up Upside Down realm back into Hawkins, Indiana. We now have an answer from a clip released on Monday.

MCM Comic Con, a major UK convention host, posted the clip as an exclusive. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, introduces the footage. It shows Eleven in the dark Upside Down world breaking through a patch of weird squishy tendril-y material into a school hallway. There's a telltale trickle of blood emanating from her nose indicating the use of her mind powers. 

We saw a snippet from this scene in the first trailer, released back in July, but the new footage fills in the blanks on either side as Eleven punches through the gooey membrane that separates the two worlds. While the clip is revealing, it still leaves plenty of questions on the table, including how Eleven's hair ends up growing out as seen in the final trailer.

Brown isn't giving us any extra hints. She retweeted the clip from MCM Comic Con with this brief comment:

"Stranger Things" returns to Netflix on Oct. 27.