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Star Wars upcoming trilogy won't be Old Republic adaptation

Director Rian Johnson tells Mashable he loved the video game but his movies will center on new stories.

The universe of the Old Republic is popular with Star Wars fans.

Star Wars fans have a vague sense of what might happen in "The Last Jedi" and 2019's Episode IX, but no one has a clue about the trilogy of films announced in November.

Now we know one thing: The movies won't center on the Old Republic.

Knights of the Old Republic is a popular role-playing video game series set long before the likes of Luke and Leia. "Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson, who will be creating the new trilogy, knows the subject well but said it's not the topic of the eventual films.

"I played that game when it first came out and it was like, God, I loved it," Johnson told Mashable on Tuesday. "Yeah, that's a fantastic game. And I understand it, the instinct to automatically go to something that you know and love, that you've already seen." 

But it's not happening, he said. "To me, what's really fun is the notion of what new stuff are we gonna see, what new stories can we tell?"

Johnson won't reveal what the trilogy might be about -- because he hasn't thought of it as of now. 

"I'm in the very, very beginning phases of trying to think about it so I don't know yet," he told Mashable.

There's no release date yet for the planned trilogy.