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Tiny Star Wars Stormtrooper robot will remember your face

Jedi mind tricks won't work on the First Order Stormtrooper Robot, which uses facial recognition and AR to keep fans entertained.

Stormtroopers who can remember your face might sound like a Jedi's worst nightmare. But for Star Wars fans looking to own a toy that seems to think for itself, they could be the ultimate collectible.

The new First Order Stormtrooper Robot from Chinese company Ubtech Robotics uses facial recognition software to identify up to three different people. 

The robot can also be programmed to understand voice commands, has patrolling capabilities and uses augmented reality via a companion app.

The tech behind this toy makes it an appealing gift for those with kids (or nieces and nephews) who we'd like to take an interest in STEM education through robotics. 

However, no one says you have to be a kid to play with this pint-sized robot. Buy a whole army of them and pretend you're Darth Vader barking out orders to his Imperial troops. It won't be like that toy scene in "Spaceballs" -- honest.

Though if you want this advanced Stormtrooper robot, you may have to sell any leftover power converters or broken droids to raise the funds. The robot is rather pricey, retailing for around $300 (about £228 or AU$383).

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