Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 7 recap: Imprisoned Ahsoka gets Forceful

The Pyke goons aren't the nicest hosts for the ex-Padawan and her pals.

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Trapped trio -- Trace, Rafa and Ahsoka are imprisoned by the Pyke Syndicate.


Episode seven of Star Wars: The Clone Wars' seventh and final season, Dangerous Debt, hit Disney Plus Friday, and picks up with Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) and sisters Trace and Rafa Martez (Brigitte Kali and Elizabeth Rodriguez) in a precarious situation. After trying to pull a fast one on the rather nasty Pyke Syndicate, the trio is imprisoned on the planet Obadia.

They face regular Metal Gear Solid-style torture sessions by a super creepy 8D-series droid -- like the one seen in Return of the Jedi -- as Pyke boss Marg Krim (Stephen Stanton) grills them for information on the spice shipment Trace foolishly dumped. Beware of SPOILERS from here on out.


Fortune cookie

"Who you were does not have to define who you are." Ahsoka realizes how much her sense of morality differs from the aloof Jedi, while Rafa starts to regret the danger her criminal life choices put her and Trace in.

Jedi collateral damage

Ahsoka learns that Trace and Rafa's parents were killed when Ziro the Hutt escaped prison on Coruscant (in season 2 episode Hostage Crisis) and bounty hunter Cad Bane caused a speeder crash. A Jedi diverted it from a crowded landing pad, but the elder Martez family members died as a result.


Time for a breakout.


"I had to make a choice," a Jedi told them in the aftermath. "But not to worry, the Force will be with you."

It's unclear which Jedi this was -- the light green skin and dark robes description matches Luminara Unduli, a Mirialan. It also sounds like something she'd say.

This apparent indifference made the Martez sisters understandably cynical about the Order -- they had to fend for themselves from then on -- and highlights the distance between the Jedi and ordinary citizens. This is the same division Palpatine will use to turn public sentiment completely against the Jedi in Revenge of the Sith (which takes place shortly after these events).


Ahsoka is using the Force more and more.


Increasingly Forceful

Even though Ahsoka has been trying to avoid using her Force powers so the sisters won't know about her Jedi past, desperation pushes her to do so. She subtly uses her abilities to open their cell door, and later gives Trace a little help to jump a gap before leaps high above the sisters to make it over herself.

"I'm more athletic than I look," says Ahsoka.

Just admit you're a superhero Ahsoka, jeez. This is clearly building to her past being revealed in the next episode.


Trace proves to be pretty capable when she escapes.


Do it like Han

Even though Han Solo doesn't exist yet at this point in the timeline, some of Trace's actions mirror his. In addition to the spice-dropping stunt in the previous episode, she runs down the hallways of the Pyke prison, screaming and blasting, like Han will on the Death Star in A New Hope

It'd be cool if these two characters crossed paths sometime, since Trace is likely to survive this arc.

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Looming Mandalorians

As the trio tries to escape, they're spotted by someone in a cool Mandalorian helmet -- Ursa Wren (Sharmila Devar), the mother of future Rebels badass Sabine Wren. She reports her Jedi sighting to fellow Mando Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff), who recalls their encounter on Carlac (in (in season 4 episode A Friend in Need)

"Don't forget we have a common enemy," says Bo-Katan. "Let's keep track of her, she could be of use to us."

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The "common enemy" is Darth Maul, who's taken over Mandalore with members of radical splinter group Death Watch (which Bo-Katan was once a member of). Presumably they'll rescue the recaptured Ahsoka, Trace and Rafa -- it's a bit frustrating that those three end up in pretty much the same situation they were in at the start of the episode.

All will be clear when the next episode comes to Disney Plus on April 10, I'll have recap up that day too.