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Princess Leia's Star Wars hair buns inspire coffee table

The Star Wars universe's most famous hairstyle gets a tribute in the form of an artistic coffee table design.

Place your space-coffee on this Star Wars-inspired table.
Leblon Delienne

When you behold the Table Le-a, you'll notice the sleek table's stylish and unusual twisting design. It might remind you of something, but you might not realize at first that it's inspired by Princess Leia's distinctive Star Wars hair buns.

The fiber and resin coffee table costs about $17,400 (£13,500, AU$23,600) and is available in black, pearl white, silver or brass colors. You'll want to choose the one that best matches the interior of your spaceship. Darth Vader would order the black. The silver would go well with the Millennium Falcon. If you pilot an X-wing, don't even bother. You don't have room for a coffee table.

Sculpture-making company Leblon Delienne collaborated with Zaha Hadid Design on the table's creation. The designers unveiled the table earlier this year and Designboom brought it to our attention this week.

The Le-a table is a particularly artistic entry in the Star Wars furniture genre, which already includes this X-wing fighter bunk bed and this wampa-cave coffee table.