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Star Wars melded with Le Creuset, and the pans are perfect for porg roast

There's a Han Solo frozen carbonite roaster and now I want to bake a sarlacc.

This is the best roaster in the history of the galaxy.
Le Creuset

In a world of Death Star waffle makers, don't we also deserve Star Wars-themed cast-iron cookware that's heavier than Jabba the Hutt? The answer is yes. Yes, we do.

Le Creuset, the company famous for colorful enameled pots and dutch ovens that can also double as immovable objects, has joined forces with Star Wars for a line of sci-fi pans and trivets.

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The highlight of this unexpected collection has to be the $450 Han Solo carbonite signature roaster. "The only Le Creuset roaster featuring a lid and the galaxy's favorite smuggler," Le Creuset said. Just imagine pulling a steaming veggie roast out of the oven and lifting Han Solo's petrified body up to inhale the deliciousness. Weird, but wonderful.

While Le Creuset could have been seduced by the Dark Side to make a dutch oven pan lid that looks like the Death Star, instead it got artsy with a Darth Vader lid.

We couldn't entirely escape the magnetic pull of the galaxy's deadliest spacecraft. There's a Death Star trivet you can park your Han Solo roaster on, along with a Millennium Falcon trivet to help balance out the force in your kitchen.

If those big pans are more than you can handle (and you don't want a more mundane option), then check out the mini cocottes that evoke R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8. For fans of the most recent movies, there's also a Porg Pie Bird that will help steam escape from your double-crusted baked goods.

Cook with the power of two suns.

Le Creuset

But wait, there's more. Le Creuset is also promising a limited-edition hand-painted Tatooine round dutch oven that evokes the planet's twin suns. You have to sign up to be notified of its availability. I'm guessing you'll want to display this one with your action figures and not risk it getting encrusted with meat juice.

The cookware collection announcement is timed perfectly for Triple Force Friday, a day designated for Star Wars product launches. The collection will be available online and in Le Creuset stores on Nov. 1, which should give you time to go over your recipes for bantha stew and porg roast. I hear blue milk pairs beautifully with porg.

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