Star Wars tweet leaves fans dreaming of 'Last Jedi' trailer

Are these the droids Star Wars fans are looking for, or is "Good Morning America" just teasing millions of movie buffs?

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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Rey does not appreciate "Good Morning America" teasing Star Wars fans.


So, anyone ready for a new "Last Jedi" trailer? 

It's been a while, and fans are ready. So ready, in fact, that they're seeing hints that one might be arriving Tuesday morning. But in true Star Wars form, these might not be the droids fans are looking for.

Here's the tweet that started it all, from "Good Morning America," the ABC morning show. 

Needless to say, ABC is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group, and Disney owns Lucasfilm, the studio that created Star Wars. So some fans took the simple GIF to mean that a "Last Jedi" trailer was coming Tuesday morning and would be aired on "GMA."

But some fans, especially those who'd been burned before, took a clearer-headed view. "GMA" has promised big Star Wars news in the past, then offered up news about the Force For Change charity -- a good cause, but not what footage-starved fans were hungry for.

And then Jeff D. Lowe, social-media producer for "Good Morning America," essentially froze fans' dreams in Carbonite with this tweet.

Some fans weren't happy with what they saw as a deliberate tease, but Lowe says using Star Wars images in show tweets is common and has no deeper meaning.

And here's one excellent theory: GMA is just using the Force on Grandma.

"The Last Jedi" opens Dec. 15, and no one knows when the next trailer will be released. Not even Grandma.

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