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Star Wars Explores the Dark Side (and Cute Side) in Upcoming Tales

Books and comics announced at New York Comic Con will span multiple eras of the timeline.

Sean Keane Former Senior Writer
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Sean Keane
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New York Comic Con brought a bunch of Star Wars book announcements and reveals over the weekend, stretching from the High Republic (centuries before the Skywalker Saga) to the more familiar era of the Empire.

Wookiee Padawan Burryaga and Jedi Master Yoda strike dramatic poses with their lightsabers

Yoda and the Younglings will star the little green icon and Wookiee Padawan Burryaga,


Saturday's High Republic Returns panel brought two major reveals. The most visually striking was Yoda and the Younglings, a picture book featuring Jedi Grandmaster Yoda and Wookiee Padawan Burryaga, by prolific Star Wars author Charles Soule and his daughter Rosemary. 

Lucasfilm Publishing Creative Director Michael Siglain tempered Burryaga fans' hopes by noting that it was set before the events of novel The Fallen Star, which leaves the beloved Padawan's fate uncertain. It's due out in October 2023.

Also announced at the NYCC High Republic panel was an untitled young adult anthology book, written by a bunch of High Republic authors. It includes stories from the era's Phase 1 (200 years before The Phantom Menace) and Phase 2 (350 years before that movie), and is scheduled to come out in July.

Phase 2 of the High Republic books just kicked off with the release of Path of Deceit. It'll be followed by Quest for the Hidden City and Convergence (the main adult novel) next month. The next adult novel will be Cataclysm (due out April 4), which had its cover revealed at the convention panel.

High Republic manga The Edge of Balance is getting a Phase 2 story as well, titled Precedent. It'll be written by Daniel José Older and Tomio Ogata, and arrives in May.

Imperial Inquisitor Iskat poses with her red lightsaber on the cover of Star Wars: Rise of the Red Blade

Imperial Inquisitor Iskat features on the cover of Star Wars: Rise of the Red Blade.

Penguin Random House

Sunday brought one major book reveal in the form of Delilah S. Dawson's Rise of the Red Blade, due out July 18. Set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, it'll follow Iskat, a Jedi survivor of Order 66 who turns to the dark side and joins the Imperial Inquisitors. She previously appeared in Charles Soule's incredible Darth Vader comic series.

On the comic side, Marvel is giving Sana Starros -- a character who worked with Han Solo and briefly posed as his wife -- her own solo series from writer Justina Ireland. The miniseries will kick off in February.