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Death Star disco ball boogies down with the Dark Side

Move over, John Travolta. A Star Wars Death Star disco ball is burning up the dance floor.

Darth Vader gets down with his Sith self.

Do you remember that scene in "Saturday Night Fever" where Darth Vader wears black bell-bottom pants and struts down the street to the tune of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees? I don't either, but you can at least pretend it happened when you buy a Death Star disco ball from ThinkGeek

There are a lot of reasons why this works. For starters, the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, a time when disco was sweeping the nation. That's the same year John Travolta danced through "Saturday Night Fever." A disco ball also shares the same overall shape as Darth Vader's Death Star spacecraft. 

We've seen some DIY Death Star disco balls before, but this 16-inch (41-centimeter) mirror ball is officially licensed Star Wars merch. For the most part, it looks like a normal disco ball until you spot the concave dish, which doesn't actually contain a superlaser.

For a true party atmosphere, you'll probably also want to invest in a spinning motor to hang the ball from and a pin-point spotlight for sending thousands of sparkling little stars dancing across the room. 

The $49.95 ThinkGeek-exclusive disco ball only ships to the US, so international buyers will either need to make a Kessel Run to the States or use a proxy to get it overseas.  

If you do happen to buy one of these, see if you can also pick up a copy of the mostly forgotten 1977 hit album "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk," which contains a far-out disco version of the Star Wars theme.

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