Star Wars Celebrates Jon Favreau With Black Series Action Figure

Favreau is immortalized in Mandalorian armor (made of plastic) at Star Wars Celebrations.

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Check out this Jon Favreau action figure. Jon Favreau in Swingers? Jon Favreau in Chef? No, in Star Wars, obviously.

An action figure of goateed Jon Favreau in blue and yellow Star Wars armor.

Star Wars Jon Favreau


As the creator of the hit Disney Plus TV show The Mandalorian, Favreau is celebrated with a toy bearing his goateed likeness available to preorder at Star Wars Celebration 2022. Part of Hasbro's Black Edition of 6-inch figures from a galaxy far away, the Favreau figure comes in the getup of the character he voices, Mandalorian tough guy Paz Vizsla.

As revealed by IGN, the toy goes on sale in the fall for $40, and attendees at Celebration this weekend get the first chance to buy.

Celebration is an official Star Wars convention kicking off in Anaheim, California, on Thursday. It's the first since 2019, and unlike previous events it doesn't have an upcoming movie to promote. Instead, the focus will be on Disney Plus TV shows like Obi-Wan Kenobi. CNET will be reporting live from the show floor, so in the meantime find out what's in store with our preview of Star Wars Celebration 2022.

This isn't actually the first toy of Jon Favreau, who can be bought in fully posable form thanks to his role as Iron Man and Spider-Man's chum Happy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He joins other Star Wars luminaries to be immortalized in plastic including George Lucas, Ralph McQuarrie and Dave Filoni. 

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