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Star Wars corn maze lets you stroll through Leia's hair buns

Maize the force be with you. A Star Wars-loving farmer carves an impressive Princess Leia tribute to Carrie Fisher out of a corn field.

Find your way through a Carrie Fisher-tribute corn maze. 
Goebel Farms

Indiana isn't exactly a galaxy far, far away, but the Midwestern state is now home to a very large image of Princess Leia from Star Wars. For its annual corn maze design, Goebel Farms in Evansville planted a tribute to actress Carrie Fisher, who died in late 2016.

The maze reads "Carrie Fisher RIP 1956-2016" and shows her iconic Princess Leia character, complete with buns. 

The maze just opened to customers this past weekend, but it's been a long time in the making. Goebel planted the corn early in the year and mapped out a picture of the design with corresponding GPS points for the field. 

According to the Evansville Courier & Press, the image is then loaded into a tractor computer that tells the planter which areas to plant and which to leave blank. That's about as close as you'll get to a tractor beam on Earth.

Previous Goebel Farms corn mazes have included tributes to Jay Leno, Star Trek and the Narnia stories, but Star Wars is a recurring theme. The 2015 maze featured Kylo Ren from "The Force Awakens," while the 2005 design depicted Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader.