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Star Wars, explained by someone who (gulp) has never seen it

Some of her answers are simply fantastic: Jar Jar Binks is on the dark side helping Darth Vader kill people.

Star Wars came out in 1977. CNET's former editorial intern Perla Shaheen was born over two decades later. To this day she's never seen any of the films.
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Star Wars is omnipresent in our pop culture. For better or worse, your relationship to the movies defines you.

There are fans who love it and own all the Blu-rays and toys. There are those who hate it and think it's overrated.

And then there are the people out there who've never seen a single Star Wars film.

CNET's former editorial intern Perla Shaheen falls into the last category. She has more or less avoided Star Wars her whole life, but still knows quite a bit about the films and the fandom around them.

"I'll tell you my dirty little secret -- I have never seen Star Wars," she confided to several of us in the newsroom. "I was born about 20 years after the first Star Wars film came out."

This immediately raised the question: How much does someone who's never seen Star Wars actually know?

A lot, it turns out.

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Perla was kind enough to let us quiz her Star Wars knowledge, which resulted in both amazingly accurate answers on things like Darth Vader and horribly hilarious responses about Han Solo and Jar Jar Binks.

"That big hairy creature? I don't know his name," says Perla. "The short, wrinkly green guy with enormous ears? I thought he was in Lord of the Rings."

We should note, CNET isn't the first to have someone who has never seen Star Wars explain it. Nor will we be the last.

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